Findmyukpension is owned and operated by qualified financial advisors and this will ensure that sound advice is provided to you from the very first step. Our approach is a personal one, with close communication between our consultants and clients ensuring that any recommendations are personal and designed to achieve exactly what each individual desires.

After years of experience and perfection, we have fine-tuned the perfect procedure to ensure the most accurate advice is provided with minimal effort from our clients. The typical procedure is as follows:

Step 1:

Complete the online form. In order to assist us in providing you with accurate advice, please provide as much information as possible. Please take care in providing your contact details as these will be used to contact you.

Step 2:

One of our qualified consultants will contact you to introduce themselves to you and to gather any further information which may assist him/her in tracing your pension from your existing UK pensions company/companies.

Step 3:

After tracing your pension the consultant will contact you with an update as to the next step. If we are in a position to assist you (dependable on duration of tenure, whether pension fund has been transferred to the Pension Protection Fund, and whether benefits are already being received); then we will send a letter to your pension company tracing your pension and requesting an up to date valuation. No letter will be sent to any pension company without prior consent. A signature of each member is required on the letter and as such no information can be obtained without the member consenting to this.

Step 4:

After receiving information pertaining to your pension(s), a professional recommendation will be drafted with advice on the best course of action. It may not be in the members best interest to assume control of their pension, and it may be better to leave the pension with their current pension providers; however, his can only be ascertained once the information on each case has been gathered and each policy will be judged on the merits of the case taking all affecting variables into consideration.

Step 5:

If it emerges that there is a better solution for your pension rather than maintaining the status quo, then your consultant will discuss this through with you and can introduce you to a new pension company domiciled in an international jurisdiction. The reason for this may be to obtain pension benefits at an earlier age, a higher tax free pre-commencement lump sum or simply to take control of the underlying investments within your pension to ensure that the value is growing at a rate which is above that of inflation.

Step 6:

If your pension gets transferred within the regulations of the HMRC QROPS legislation, then your consultant will remain your advisor for your pension, advising you on investment options and other factors which may affect you getting the most out of you our pension.

The above methodology is a proven model to ensure the fastest turn around time for you to get information on your pensions and weigh up the options after receiving professional and unbiased advice from a qualified advisor. Simply complete the form, we will do the rest!

You want the the most out of your pension?